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Soaring Towards Sustainability with HDM Energies

Traditional aviation has long been synonymous with carbon emissions, but with the surge in private flights, the need for eco-friendly alternatives is more pressing than ever. As the aviation industry seeks to navigate towards a more sustainable future, with mounting concerns over the environmental impact of aeroplanes, the integration of renewable energy stands out as an innovative way to power our flights.

Transforming How We Fly with Solar Power

With the UK recording the highest average number of daily flights in 2023, at 5,290 flights a day*, aviation is one of the major contributors to global carbon emissions. To tackle this, HDM Energies offers a ground-breaking solution – solar power for aviation. The integration of solar panels can transform how we fly, and with its ability to generate clean, zero-carbon energy, solar power can be used to power buildings, facilities and even aircraft. Through our Aviation Zero scheme, we supply and install solar panels to the aviation industry with no capital expenditure, making solar energy accessible to all.

Where Can Solar Panels Be Installed?

We can install solar panels on airport infrastructure, including buildings, hangars, and car parks. With plenty of rooftops and open spaces to make use of, roof mounted or ground mounted panels can be used at airports and airfields to capture large volumes of solar power.

Offsetting Emissions with Clean Energy

The installation of solar panels not only provides clean, zero-carbon energy but also generates carbon credits that can offset a significant portion of pollution generated by aviation emissions. A single 1MW per annum hangar installation can offset the annual flying hours of a private jet, making it a game-changer for the industry’s sustainability efforts and an impressive contributor to carbon neutrality.

Affordable Energy, Guaranteed Price

HDM Energies offers solar panel installations at zero capital expenditure, providing energy at a competitive fixed rate, starting from just 15p per kWh.* The price is guaranteed for the duration of the contract, so operators won’t need to worry about any price increases. So that we can keep the price as low as possible, and to fund the installation, any excess energy generated is sold to the national grid.

Enhancing Environmental Credentials

Beyond cost savings, embracing solar energy improves Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) credentials. By demonstrating a commitment to renewable energy, airports and aircraft operators can generate their own clean energy, showing their commitment to environment responsibility whilst ensuring energy security. Solar installations can also boost Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings, leading to favourable outcomes with lenders and local authorities.

Improve Public Image

Generating electricity from a renewable energy source like solar panels can significantly improve an operator’s reputation and public image. By positioning themselves as an eco-friendly, responsible corporation, airports and aircraft operators will attract the trust of environmentally conscious customers, that are then more likely to become repeat customers.

Clearing the Runway for Electric Aviation

The opportunities presented by solar power extend beyond offsetting emissions. With the rise of electric aircraft, such as the Pipistrel Velis Electro, the aviation industry is seeing an exciting and innovative change towards electrification. By hooking up solar panels, operators can provide clean energy for recharging electric aircraft, marking a significant step towards carbon-neutral flying. With aircraft being able to be recharged right on the ramp, this will incentivise operators to fly from facilities powered by clean energy like solar.

Unlocking Additional Revenue Streams

Solar panel installations present opportunities for additional revenue streams, such as electric vehicle charging points in car parks. These initiatives not only generate income but also encourage eco-friendly customers with electric vehicles, further driving an operator’s sustainability efforts and transportation practices.

Aviation Zero: A First-Class Ticket to Sustainability

At HDM Energies, we know solar power holds the key to a greener future, which is why we are leading the charge towards a sustainable future for aviation. By offering solar power solutions tailored to the industry’s needs, we can not only help to reduce carbon emissions, but also create a more resilient and financially viable industry.

Our Aviation Zero scheme presents a new approach to offsetting aviation industry’s huge carbon footprint. Coupled with the absence of upfront costs, our scheme underscores the economic appeal of transitioning towards renewable energy solutions, and a carbon-neutral future.

Get in touch to learn more about our Aviation Zero scheme, and how solar power can take your operation to new heights and propel you towards a brighter, more sustainable future.

*Data sourced from Eurocontrol European Aviation Overview 2023

*The current domestic energy price cap for electricity is 28.6p per kWh, if you use 60000 kWh per year the cost of electricity is £17,160. At an Energy For All rate of 15p per kWh the electricity cost would be £9,000, saving you £8,160 over 12 months.

*Price correct as at 01.04.2024 and would be guaranteed for the duration of the contract.

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