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Solar power needn't be complex, but everyone will want to understand how Energy For All works.

Right now the big 5 energy companies are busy taking valuable farmland and countryside in order to put large solar farms or wind turbines to reach their renewable energy targets, they are then charging you 28.6p per kWh, by utilising your own roof space we can bypass the need for National Grid and excessive power company profits and provide energy at a fraction of the price, from just 15p and because we know the cost of the equipment to us on day 1, we are able to fix the energy price for the entire length of the contract.

The current energy price cap for electricity is 28.6p per kWh*, if you use 60000 kWh per year the cost of electricity is £17,160. At an Energy For All rate of 15p per kWh the electricity cost would be £9,000, saving you £8,160 over 12 months.

*Price correct as at 01.04.2024 and would be guaranteed for the duration of the contract.

Yes, we will need to have their agreement to install the system on their roof. The building owner will be able to perform a new EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) assessment and benefit from the improvement to their EPC Rating.

That's entirely up to you, the longer you tie in the cheaper the rate we can offer you. The shortest contract we can offer is 5 years and the longest is 25 years. We find that most customers choose 10-15 years as the optimum time to commit. The price remains fixed for the entire duration of the contract so your price will never rise.

Yes, we can also simply sell you the solar system at a competitive price for you to take all the benefit. Our Energy For All plan is designed to give those who don't have access to or can't justify the capital expenditure, the opportunity to take half the benefit of solar for none of the upfront cost.

Yes, we want our systems to be operating at peak performance so we will undertake periodic cleaning and maintenance. We can also monitor for any electrical issues to ensure the maximum possible uptime.

No, as this is a supplemental system it is designed to complement your existing supply. It will supply what it can from the sun and whatever it can't supply you will take from the grid via your existing supplier and pay them for it. In the highly unlikely event of a failure of our system, you will simply take all the energy you need from the grid for the duration our system isn't working.

We have battery backup solutions available, these come with an extra investment which can be built into the unit price you pay and will provide you with the peace of mind that in the event of a National Grid failure, our system can provide you with continuous power. Ask one of our team for a quote on this option.

We can offer to carry the contract over to the new owner/occupant at the same rate or you can buy the system for a proportional cost of taking into account its age. In our experience, we find that having a cheaper electricity source included with a new rent or building is a very good selling point.

You can either ask us to remove the system, buy the system at a heavily discounted rate or carry on paying for the energy it produces at the same rate as during your contract. The longer the initial contract period, the lower the rate.

You are free to do so. During the contracts period we just ask that you buy the system that was installed for a proportion of the initial cost, in line with how long the system has been installed. This will vary according to the length of your contact, but as a rule of thumb, if you signed a 10 year contract for every year that passes you would pay us 10% less to end the contract early.

We install a supplementary meter with every system. This will count your consumption live and we will take a reading every 30 minutes. Once per month, a bill will be issued to cover the usage of energy consumed by the system. We do not charge any additional standing charges or fees. Just one simple, low, fixed-rate per kWh for the energy consumed that was produced by the system. If you use any extra energy from the grid you will pay your existing supplier as normal.

Here is an example:

You consume 10,000kwh in any given period @30p from your provider. Before our install you would pay £3000 for this energy.

After our system is installed, it would be able to produce 7500kwh of energy during an equivalent period where your overall consumption was 10,000kwh. You've agreed to pay us 15p/kwh and so you pay us £1125 for the 7500kwh (7500 x 15p} produced and £750 for the 2500kwh to your existing energy supplier (2500 x 30p) = £1825. A saving of £1175 over the same period.

Please contact our team for your personalised quotations based on your actual energy consumption.

Because we are placing the energy production directly where it is being consumed we completely avoid the National Grid to deliver our energy. By removing the huge overhead of running this we can pass on considerable savings and reduce our reliance as a country on the big energy companies.

To ensure the ongoing financial viability of giving away solar with zero capital expenditure to as many businesses and homes as possible, we will sell any energy that is not consumed by you to the National Grid through an export meter and tariff. This protects us from any changes in your consumption and ensures that we can pass on all the savings directly to you through the lowest possible price per kWh on your consumption.

Yes, we can also add an EV charger to your system and users can pay a competitive rate for its use. If you have visitors to your building and you wish to charge them, we also offer a revenue split depending on the unit rate charged by our charging units.

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