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Green Your Commercial Property with Solar Energy

In today’s environmentally conscious world, commercial property owners are recognising the importance of sustainability in their operations. From reducing carbon footprints to attracting eco-conscious tenants, greening commercial properties with renewable energy has become a top priority. At HDM Energies, we know one of the most impactful ways to green your commercial property is by harnessing the power of solar energy. Let’s delve into why businesses should embrace solar energy and how they can make this transition seamlessly.

Go Green with Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way to ‘green’ your commercial property. Integrating them onto buildings, car park roofs, or outside spaces not only reduces your energy costs and generates clean energy for your business but can also provide you with a visible symbol of the property’s commitment to sustainability.

At HDM Energies, we specialise in the supply and installation of solar panels for businesses at no upfront cost. We make it easy, from conducting a thorough site assessment to determining the optimal placement of panels, factoring in sunlight exposure, roof orientation, and structural integrity, to selecting and installing the right panels for you.

Reduce Your Energy Wastage

Did you know that you can implement battery storage systems, regardless of whether you have solar panels installed, to store excess energy? A battery storage system can provide backup power during grid outages and allow for optimised energy management, future-proofing your reliance on the grid and reducing energy wastage. They also enable properties to shift energy usage to off-peak hours when renewable energy generation is abundant, making your commercial property more eco-friendly and environmentally responsible.

At HDM Energies, we offer a range of energy storage systems that can be integrated into your solar panel installation for an additional cost. Feel free to reach out to us for more information!

Encourage Greener Driving

Deploying electric vehicle charging stations across your property will encourage the adoption of electric vehicles among tenants, employees, and visitors. You should select EV chargers that are compatible with a range of electric vehicle models and offer features such as fast charging and smart connectivity. This ensures convenience for EV owners and maximises the utilisation of the charging infrastructure. You can also integrate EV car chargers with existing solar energy systems to further enhance sustainability and reduce operating costs. This synergy allows for the direct use of solar-generated electricity to power electric vehicles, minimising your properties reliance on the grid and contributing to your greening efforts.

With our Energy for All scheme, we can add an EV charger to your system for free. All you do is pay a competitive rate for its use. If you have visitors to your building and you wish to charge them, we also offer a revenue split depending on the unit rate charged by our charging units.

Cost Savings

While the initial setup costs may seem daunting, the return on investment for solar panels can be substantial. As well as increasing your property’s value, providing an additional revenue stream by selling excess energy to the National Grid, and benefiting from a higher EPC rating, investing in solar panels will save you money in the long term. The driving factor of solar panels is that they will significantly reduce your energy bills. Our Energy for All Scheme provides commercial properties with solar energy at a fraction of traditional costs, covering installation and offering fixed rates. For example, at our rate of 15p per kWh, landlords could save £9,000 annually on their electricity bills compared to standard electricity prices*. 

Brand Reputation and Marketability

Consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of commercial properties and want to engage with sustainable businesses. By demonstrating a commitment to sustainability through renewable energy initiatives and greening your commercial property with solar, owners can enhance their brand reputation and appeal to environmentally-conscious tenants and customers.


With the inevitable shift towards renewable energy and stricter environmental regulations, investing in sustainable infrastructure like solar panels now can future-proof commercial properties against potential compliance issues and rising energy costs.

Financing Your Installation

To make the upfront cost of greening your commercial property more manageable, our Energy for All scheme means that you can benefit from the power of solar at zero capital expenditure. By utilising unused commercial rooftop space, we can fully finance, maintain, and operate your rooftop solar PV systems for you; all you do is pay for the electricity used. The price will also remain fixed throughout the contract period!

The Power of Going Green

Incorporating renewable energy sources such as solar power into commercial properties is not just an environmentally responsible decision – it’s a savvy business move. By investing in sustainability, businesses can save money, enhance their brand reputation, and reduce their environmental footprint. As the global focus on sustainability intensifies, greening your commercial property isn’t just an option – it’s imperative for long-term success.

Start the journey in greening your commercial property with HDM Energies today!

*The current domestic energy price cap for electricity is 28.6p per kWh, if you use 60000 kWh per year the cost of electricity is £17,160. At an Energy For All rate of 15p per kWh the electricity cost would be £9,000, saving you £8,160 over 12 months.

*Price correct as at 01.04.2024 and would be guaranteed for the duration of the contract.

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